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Know your business better

Why do I need reports?

As part of our bookkeeping service, we provide a management reports pack to help you understand your business better.

You are probably used to receiving an annual year-end set of accounts from your accountant.

However, in all honesty, what good is that to you, now?

Finding out once a year how your business has performed is not enough. Wouldn't you prefer to have visibility on a monthly basis, to understand how well (or badly) your business has done that month?


With our standard report pack we show you


  1. Month on month sales

  2. Month on month gross profit with margin %

  3. Month on month net profit

  4. Monthly analysis of customers accounts, showing average debtors days (shows how cashflow is doing)

  5. Cashflow Projections as well as actual (in easy to understand format)

  6. Stock analysis (what isnt selling so you can dispose in a flash sale)

For any non-standard reports we will be happy to discuss and add to the pack.

Why review business data?

By reviewing and analysing all you business data, you have a better understanding of your business, which allows you to make informed decisions to move you business forward.

We are happy to book time to help you understand these reports.

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