Simple Bookkeeping for Sole Traders

Take the mystery out of your business finances

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You probably know your sales figure per week or month


You probably have a figure in your head of how much it cost you to do the job, but do you know what your business makes each month?

Rather than waiting until the end of the financial year and when your accountant is ready, how about having a monthly report, a video to explain your figures, and an estimate of how much your tax and NIC's could be (based on your monthly figures, so an approx. amount)

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Are you a busy business owner?

I have developed an excellent reputation with taking care of the bookkeeping needs for Sole Traders.

Whether you need assistance with daily transactions, monthly reports, or just general advice, you can count on me for a professional service.

Sole Traders work hard, often in difficult conditions and situations, so you deserve to have the best service available from a bookkeeper who understands your world.

Working with Sole Traders for over 12 years.

Understand your business financials

Let me help you take control of your business using monthly financial reports and a simple explainer video created especially for you each month; you can keep watching as often as you like.

Whether you have software already set up for your invoicing or want a start fresh, and modernise your way of working, I can offer advice and training.

If you need an accounting over hall, we can start with job/visit creation, and moving to invoicing, payment providers, supplier costs, vehicle costs, credit control and HMRC.


Let’s work together to improve your finances.

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My clients use my services in many different ways.

Some just want a monthly report to see how their business is doing, building up to have monthly comparisons.

Some want a little more help with chasing commercial customer accounts when they become overdue for payment.

For one, I even monitor emails and help with customer service.

I can bring your records up to date for last year, so that going forward in this year you have clean, and tidy information.

Modern Bookkeeping

In 2023 ITSA (income tax self-assessment) filing online 4 x per year is becoming compulsory, and all transactions need to be electronic, so that quarterly summaries can be submitted. 

MTD - making tax digital for VAT, if registered you need to use compliant software.  I can help with this.

Getting started now means you will be ready for HMRC’s new compliance demands.

My practice uses cloud accounting software, image capture for expenses, automated invoice payment reminders.


Xero is my choice, but if you bank with NatWest/RBS/Ulster BankNI you get Freeagent Software for free.

Your mobile phone or tablet will become your new, business critical, piece of equipment.


If you can use a mobile phone, you can use the APPs available to make your bookkeeping simple and quick.

Create quotes, raise invoices, take payment, on the road at site or when you get home.

All your job/visit invoice information will be captured as you go, so you don’t spend hours in the evening or weekend getting up straight.

Training can be given if required.


Move over box of paperwork, you will be going digital with Blu Bookkeeping.

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At year end, your accounts are done.  No last minute rush!


My fees are set on level of service and are fixed so you have no surprises.

Let me know what you need, and I will quote, based on your requirements. I aim to offer friendly, affordable bookkeeping.

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Tell me what you want from a bookkeeper and let’s get started.

I have a wealth of pest control bookkeeping experience and am looking forward to working with you.

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