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Are you a small business owner in Reading

                                        Do you feel frustrated by your unpaid invoice list?

Does your poor cashflow keep you awake at night?

               Would you like help to release unpaid debt, update your credit                                                             control process, and automate payments?

 Does your business use a cloud software package?


Credit Control process not working as effectively as you'd like? 

I can help you understand where your business is right now, establish new processes and provide KPI's to show how your business improves.

Improving your cashflow

Do you have a large amount of unpaid customer invoices that just doesn't seem to get any smaller?

It's irritating that customers just don't seem to want to pay you, but with the right processes in place, getting paid more quickly and within terms is achievable.  I've done it many times.

I've helped businesses collect overdue debt or recognise true bad debt. 


Getting a clean and tidy sales ledger means you know what can be collected and forecast future cash coming into the bank with more accurancy.

With automation, reminders and statements are sent by most cloud based software without using a staff members precious time.   


I will set this up so that it works for your bsuiness and with templates you approve.

With a proven credit control process, money will come in when due, sometimes before.

As I improve your credit control process and set up automations, I will look at setting up reports, to measure how the new process is working.


Having key performace indicators to analyse results is the best way to see things have improved.  Daily flash reports of cash allocated from the bank are one way of doing this.

Setting targets for staff, and communication of results work wonders.

My true value lies in giving you support, reassurance and clarity by ensuring your finances are working for your business.

I would love to work with you and your business and get your cashflow to the maximum.  If you are interested in learning more please call 0845 139 1069 or book a discovery call at a time suitable for you   click here for my calender.

What's included:


Current process review

Invoice audit

Bespoke credit control process report

Chasing letter template

Chasing email template

KPI suggestions

Modern payment integrations

Automation of credit control process

Monthly review of cash collections

Monthly credit control reports and analysis

Available additions

Training for current/new staff

Migration to new software

Remote credit control cover for holiday & sick leave

Extra credit control hours

Remote supervision of staff 

Overview of all financials

Monthly managment reports

Virtual Financial Controller Case Study
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