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Bookkeeping in a Franchise World

Time-consuming finances


I bet, when you had your discovery day, you didn't realise the amount of bookkeeping

you would have to do each week.


                                   You just wanted to run your own business.


You thought that buying a franchise would make the financial and admin work less, but your

royalties just don’t cover bookkeeping.


Your franchise agreement probably demands you produce a set of accounts and pass to your franchisor

either, monthly or yearly. Are you up to that


Did the training, provided by your franchisor, cover bookkeeping and accounting software?


Have you struggled with your business finance and accounting or have you left it until the last minute?


Has your bookkeeping got to the point where you really need some help?

Finances in a Franchise World


Finding a bookkeeper who understands the language of the franchise world, knows how franchise models work and is unfazed by the royalties and fees associated, can be difficult.

I spent 7 years working in the Head Office of a commercial cleaning franchise, as their Finance Manager.

I know how things are done from the franchisor’s perspective and, also from

you - the franchisee -  point of view.

I frequently met and chatted on the phone to the person behind the region.

I helped with any difficulties they experienced with cashflow, customer debt, and fee calculations explanations.



How can I help you?


Blu Bookkeeping offers a monthly package bespoke to the franchise world.

    10 Benefits to you

  1. Use your time wisely and focus on growing your business

  2. You can finally stop worrying about finding time to do the finance admin work

  3. You can be confident the reports produced are on time and accurate

  4. You can send timely monthly information to your franchisor

  5. You can be confident that percentage-based management fees are checked and agreed.

  6. You have absolute transparency of your bookkeeping with your own login to Xero software

  7. You have modern cloud accounting software that conform to the MTD requirements for VAT

  8. You will receive a monthly reports pack and a video to explain

  9. You and I will chat as frequently as you need

  10. You and I can decide on the information included in the reports, that’s helpful to your business


  also available

If you are behind with your bookkeeping or have hit a problem, I can rescue you and get things UpToDate quickly for the coming business year.


Plus, you can add or subtract services whenever your business requires.

You can call and chat about any issues you come across. I am happy to offer advice on stuff like payment providers, Payroll/HR, VAT, invoicing, credit control and debt collection.







Next steps……




I’m looking forward to chatting soon 



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Here’s what one of the franchisees who worked with me says


Salvatore Lombardo

President at Mint Condition of Jacksonville

“Having had the pleasure of working with Julie during our time at Ecocleen,

I have to say that just the thought that she was there in the background

dealing with my customers on a day-to-day basis, resolving any financial

related issues with promptness, was one of the most reassuring experiences I’ve had so

far in my business career.

They say cash flow is king...well then it is only right to say that Julie is its Queen!

I would not hesitate a moment to recommend such a valuable person to any company or

organisation out there”

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Hipster with Diamond Cap
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