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Bookkeeping for 
Pest Controllers

Are you ready to grow your business?


What exactly do you want to achieve with your business? Is it just a job? Or do you dream of a better life and a certain income figure in mind?


To grow the business to fulfil your dreams will not be easy, and most certainly be hard work.  You will end up having to learn more business strategies, including a five-year plan and most definitely need to know your numbers on a regular basis.

I understand how challenging it can be to grow a business from start up to next level, and if you are really serious about this type of growth you have to take control of your finances.


Analyse those results to monitor how well your business is doing, but, don’t worry if you don’t understand accounting, I’m here to walk you through all the jargon, explain your results and support you as much as you need.


Taking control of your finances means having reports to show how the business is performing, including monitoring your cashflow.


With Blu Bookkeeping you get a monthly report, a personal video commentary explaining the figures and a 30 mins zoom call to answer any questions you may have.


Want to have more free time?


Having listened to pest control clients, I know you struggle with time and all the admin involved, so I’ve come up with packages that cater for pest controllers, wherever you are in your journey, that will get your bookkeeping done and save you the time.


I’m really passionate about making accounting simple, so I use video to explain your numbers and I’m available for quick chats or you can book a longer meeting if required.

Welcome to Blu Bookkeeping

Welcome to Blu Bookkeeping

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Struggling to understand your financials to grow your business?


As you grow your business, your finances become more complicated, like with VAT or taking on an employee.


You don’t need to spend more time on admin, you need to let go of the financials and use that time to relax with family & friends or go down the gym.  


However, when you have a business issue or want advice you, need it quickly and given in language that makes sense.


                          Book a 30 min discovery call to learn more 



How Blu Bookkeeping works smart


I work remotely and provide digital bookkeeping solutions to support your business.


We meet over the phone or on a zoom call. No travelling to and from meetings.


It works by having access to cloud accounting software, which pulls your bank transactions into the software, uses the latest apps to process purchases and sales, and collates it all together to give you the monthly report.

Simple | Smart | Supportive


Simple process – allow access to sales invoices, use the snap capture app to upload purchases, authorise bank integration.

Working smart using the latest cloud technology and mobile apps.


Supporting you while you grow your business.

Book a call for a time that works for you - let’s have
a chat and see how I can support you.  

Tim's Client Experience

Tim is a sole trader, and has a franchise pest control region; he's worked hard to build his reputation in the area.

He has done so well he is nearing the VAT threshold so we monitor this by forecasting his sales, we now know when he will hit £85k and can be ready to make things as smooth and easy as possible.

He has so much work coming in and turns down jobs on a regular basis,  he needs help

So, Tim is taking on an employee. Before he made that decision we discussed what it would mean for the business, how much it would cost to kit up the employee, vehicle, training etc, how many jobs he/she would need to do each day to break even and then to make a profit. I explained about his employer's responsibilities, employer's NI and pension contributions and all the admin involved in PAYE/NI returns and of course a payroll.

Cashflow could get tight at some points during a month, so we have talked about a cashflow forecast that will show when any "pinch points" could happen, enabling us to look at investment, or an overdraft or a business loan.

Between us we look at the debt owed by customers, chase when required and have  a plan to get all contractual customers onto advance billing and get paid by direct debit using Go Cardless. This will help his cashflow a lot.

Tim gets a monthly report from me which includes his profit & loss, the VAT 12 month rolling turnover analysis, a business snapshot, a tax & NI calculation so he can put this money aside, and all this is explained to him in a video I record and which he can listen to whenever he wants and as many times he needs.

Tim calls me with any questions he has and we generally speak once, maybe twice a week.

This what Tim says:

" I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. Julie has been absolutely amazing,

transformed the day-to-day financial running of my business.

Would now be lost without her help and advice."      

       Services available

  • Monthly bookkeeping  

  • Profit & Loss report

  • Business snapshot report

  • Calculation for Tax & NI

  • Monitor rolling 12 month turnover for VAT threshold

  • Annual Budgeting

  • Cashflow Forecasting

  • Payroll

  • Self Assessment tax returns

  • Help with MTD

  • An ear to listen

  • Accounting software setup

  • NEW - customer contracts

  • Company Formation (Sole Trader to LTD)


Learn more......

Call 0845 1391069 or book a discovery call today. 

Licenced and regulated by the Institute of Certified Bookkeeprs (ICB). Practice licence nu



Book a 15min call here - book my diary

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