Self-employed - What can I claim on my tax return?

So, it's time to do the dreaded tax return!

To help you get it as accurate as possible here are some pointers to the allowable costs that can be claimed on the form.

Some of the costs that usually count as business expenses are:

The no 1 rule from the HMRC is that any business expense item must be purchased & used solely and exclusively for or within the business.

No shared usage between personal and business.

Office expenses

You can claim for items used in your business, that will last less than two years. This includes items like:

  • phone, mobile, fax and internet bills

  • postage

  • stationery

  • printing

  • printer ink and cartridges

  • computer software your business uses for less than two years

  • computer software if your business makes regular payments to renew the licence (even if you use it for more than two years)