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  • Julie Holland MICB

#LetsTalkPests & Bookkeeping🐜🐭🐀

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

#LetsTalkPests & Bookkeeping🐜🐭🐀

Pest Control Under Control....well almost.

Bookkeeping for pest control technicians should be simple.

My clients seem in control of their daily admin which makes me happy, because that means they should be in control of their bookkeeping too.

🐞 What "bugs" them the most is keeping on top of their finances. Some are very good, some not so organised.

Best practice that works for my clients - level 1 basic bookkeeping

  1. Capture receipts and expenses via mobile app

  2. Create quotes & invoices via mobile app

  3. Pass across a csv file download from their bank.

Clients on my basic bookkeeping are not VAT registered so really just need a profit & loss for each month.

At the end of the month, I upload the sales captured on the mobile app to Xero, and then upload the expenditure. Using the app means the paperwork behind the transaction is also captured, so no need for me to tap it in manually! 🧾

I check the bank statement (no reconciliation done) for any other payments or direct debits/standing orders.

Once all completed, I can produce a basic P&L and add to the YTD (year to date) data already collected and show the P&L month by month.

📈 My clients find this particularly useful to understand how they have done during a financial year.

All the modern software also means that I dont have to be local to you, virtual bookkeepers are becoming an everyday fact. We can Zoom or chat whenever you feel the need.

If you think this basic bookkeeping option would be beneficial to your pest control business please give me call 0118 348 9284.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps.

Julie 🐿️

Blu Bookkeeping

Written by Julie Holland MICB

Over 12 years experience working in the franchise pest control world.

Owner of Blu Bookkeeping

Licensed, regulated, supported by The institute of Certified Bookkeepers

License number: 22783

Blu Bookkeeping specialises in franchise bookkeeping, helping sole traders, Pest Controllers and Locksmiths.


Apps that work well for my clients

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jerry jerry
jerry jerry
Feb 15, 2022

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