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 You get peace of mind

What you get

As part of our bookkeeping service, we will produce your VAT return, accurately and on time.


we can review your self produced VAT return, just to make certain all is correct.

The minefield

The rules and regulations that surround what can and cannot be submitted, which box it goes in, and deadlines and penalties are simply confusing.

Bring in the new “Making Tax Digital” compliance and we have a lot of questions that need answering and quite frankly do you have the time?

·         What happens if I get it wrong?

·         What if I submit it late?

·         What if I submit a paper return instead of a digital one?

·         What if I miss figures off?

Outsource your VAT return to us

We know that preparing and submitting your VAT return is stressful, time consuming and actually “a bit of a hassle” for most busy business owners. Time you can better spend in other areas of business!.

Blu Bookkeeping offers a VAT Return service which involves an audit of your records,

(sales invoices, purchase invoices, expenses, and bank transactions) for all VAT transactions to

be included in this period of your VAT return.

·   We generate a VAT return based on the audit of your records, and send accurate            figures, in simple format, for you to submit, with confidence, on your Government            Gateway HMRC portal.

·   We will also remind you when your next return is due in good time, so that there is          no  panic.

·   Blu Bookkeeping can also advise you on accounting software that will submit Vat             returns directly to HMRC, making you instantly compliant with Making Tax Digital             directive.


Call us now for a quick friendly discussion and free quotation. 0118 348 9284.

Blu Bookkeeping has been submitting VAT returns for over 20 years and has experience with many types of business structures and practices.

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